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Tax Seminar with the CRA

An overview of the relationship between small businesses and taxation.

This seminar is meant to target newer small businesses or potential new start-ups.

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Who is this Program For?

During a webinar we will:
  • Explain common tax errors, what causes them and how to avoid them
  • Demonstrate how to use financial benchmarks for relevant industries
  • Provide information on the CRA’s services
  • Explain general bookkeeping concepts and best practices

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Program Start Date

October 13, 2020

Registration Deadline

October 10, 2020

Session Info

1 session(s).

Monthly Information Sessions. Upcoming Session Dates: October 13, 2020 and November 10, 2020


This seminar is meant to provide small business owners with a general overview of the relationship between their business and taxation in general. It also allows the opportunity to speak directly to a representative from the CRA to ask any questions that you might have concerning business issues.
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"Tax Seminar with the CRA" is a monthly seminar run by a local CRA Liason Officer that will provide general information about best practices for your small business or new start up when dealing with taxes and the CRA.
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