Centre Wellington Small Business Centre officially opens on Provost Lane in Fergus

The Wellington Advisor 
July 5, 2018
By Mike Robinson

Wellington County- June 28 marked the grand opening of the Centre Wellington Small
Business Centre on Provost Lane in Fergus.

In April, economic development officer Patricia Rutter told councillors 91 per cent of
businesses in Centre Wellington have fewer than 20

employees.“Given that, we’ve been working with the business centre for the past 18
months to expand support in Centre Wellington,”she said.

She noted that in 2017 council approved funding for a year-long pilot profect to deliver
support services to start-up businesses in Centre Wellington through one-on-one
consultations and delivery of training seminars.

At the centre's official launch on June 28, Rutter called it "a
natural progression"to open this office.

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Three Wellington County businesses receive 2018 Rhyze Awards

The Wellington Advisor
July 5, 2018

Guelph – Innovation Guelph, in partnership with the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington, hosted the fourth annual Rhyze Awards on June 14 for local women-owned businesses, awarding a total of $22,000 in prizes.

Three Wellington County businesses received accolade.

Prizes were awared after the ten female entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to a panel of industry experts.

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Summer Company offers 12 young entrepreneurs a chance to run their own business

Guelph Today
July 5, 2018

By Tony Saxon

  From ukulele lessons in seniors' facilities to home baked cookies, 12
Guelph students will be running their own businesses this summer as
part of the Summer Company initiative.

The Summer Company is administered by the Business Centre
Guelph-Wellington through funding from the provincial government.

It's open for students 15 to 29 who will be returning to school in the
fall. Successful applicants receive a $1,500 to start up their
summer business, receive mentorship, advice and practical help in
running it through the summer and then if they run their business
for the entire summer are eligible for another $1,500...
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Youth entrepreneurs: The future of business

The Wellington Advertiser
Summer Edition 2018

By Olivia Rutt

Wellington County – Starting a business can be a risky venture. But it is a risk youth are willing to take in the changing global economy.

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1995, are a dominant
presence in the workforce. A 2017 Environics Institute study
found that for millennials, having a full-time steady job is the most essential marker of adulthood, followed closely by having
good family relationships.

The demographics are shifting for those starting a business.
In 2016 Canada National Monitor, the percentage of people in the process of starting a business is higher among 25 to 34 age range than any other age Category. Just a year before...P.8
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