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How to Better Incorporate Inclusivity in Your Business

How to frame inclusivity into your business in an accessible, restorative, and sustainable way.

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Inclusivity at work must reside in a framework that is accessible, restorative, and sustainable over time and space.

The first part of this talk will focus on practical ways to apply an inclusive framework through an intersectional lens to your business.The second part of this talk will explore ways to incorporate equitable practices and encourage inclusion and participation of all groups of people within your business with a focus on groups who historically and currently face marginalization. We will explore best practices that encourage inclusion, learn how to facilitate discussions on heated topics, as well as discuss practical tools. Malissa Bryan is the founder of the Rainbow Diversity Institute. They come from a specialized background in sociology with a focus on race, diversity, work, education, youth, and political economy. They often take a feminist intersectional approach when conducting academic research and when working with businesses.

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Date & Time

October 6, 2021 6:00 pm




  • Malissa Bryan, founder of Rainbow Diversity Institute


  • Understanding inclusivity and how to implement it into your business practice.

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