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5 Keys to Increasing Your Sales Influence

Join entrepreneur and coach Tessa Kampen as she shares her top strategies for better sales influence in all markets.

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All sales requires influence, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. In this workshop your sales team, whether you are solopreneur or a team of many, learn how to leverage a prospects' buying style in order to increase sales.

Tessa is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team where she coaches and trains in the areas of Personal Growth, Leadership and Communication. With over 10 years experience in Personal Development, Leadership Training and Understanding Human Behavior, she is confident that she can help you and your team grow to the next level. Her ability to connect and relate with her clients has allowed her to build strong relationships and trust with those she serves. Trained with the largest leadership team in the world has its privileges, both for you and her! Tessa is also a certified DISC Consultant.

Bridges to Better Business Special Event



Date & Time

October 23, 2021 12:30 pm




  • Tessa Kampen


  • Grow your sales with better understanding.

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