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Women in Trades

A discussion with Female Experts in the Trades Industry and how they have navigated a traditionally male-dominated industry.

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Women make up nearly half of the entire Canadian workforce, but the perception still exists that certain jobs - particularly those in the skilled trades - should only be done by men. In reality, women excel in all traditionally male-dominated careers, including those in construction, manufacturing, automotive, mining, welding, and more.

With a looming shortage of skilled trades workers, many industries have realized it's time to get past the stereotypes and employ a more diverse workforce. In sectors like construction where the demand for skilled workers is highest, companies are actively recruiting women to fill open positions.

Felicity answered the call of the trades in 2013, when she returned to school at St. Lawrence College, in her hometown of Cornwall, for the General Construction Carpentry Techniques course. After graduating, she began working in Ottawa, where she now lives, and has been working in a variety of carpentry roles since. Her main specialty is trim install/finishing work. She loves the hands-on and practical nature of the work. When she’s not on the tools, she enjoys a variety of other pursuits and interests, including music, martial arts and fitness, writing, and helping people work towards financial goals as a licensed insurance agent. She likes Islay Scotch, rare steak, and long walks on the beach.

Join Felicity Brown, skilled trades woman, as we discuss the state of the trades industry, women in the workforce and how the trades can be a successful career for any woman.

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Date & Time

October 28, 2021 6:00 pm




  • Felicity Brown


  • Understand the movement of women into the trades industry

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