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Staying Strong Post Omicron

Learn ways to be positive during times of adversary.

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As business owners, we keep going and put on a positive face in front of everyone but “deep down” are you tired of pivoting and pivoting again in your business? Even though things are opening up are you still worried about another lockdown or another pandemic? Is the stress affecting how you manage your staff and other aspects of your life? Do you want to feel happier and energized in the face of all this uncertainty? Positive Psychologists define being mentally strong or resilient as the positive adaptation during or following significant adversity or risk or the ability to bounce back after stressful situations In this session, you will learn simple but very powerful strategies to help boost your resilience and flourish in the face of today’s stressors.

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Date & Time

July 27, 2022 12:00 pm




  • Wayne Greenway


  • Learn what science tells us about happiness and how to bring more of it into your life
  • Experience and learn a simple 3-minute mindfulness activity that you can use daily to boost your mental strength
  • Experience how gratefulness “spotting” can change the chemistry in your brain to help you bounce back and move forward in the face of COVID lockdowns and other impacts
  • Become aware of other ways to “Stay Strong Post Omicron”

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