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Organic Growth on Facebook and Instagram

Tools and tricks for organic social media growth

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Is your business' social media not where you think it should be?

Organic growth is the least costly method of visibility currently in the digital world. However, it is also the method that can take the most forethought, planning and understanding of the platforms and their individual quirks. When dealing with your social media platforms not every campaign is made equal.

Social media is more than a series of pretty pictures and we will show you the tools, tricks and tips to start your Facebook and Instagram growth in the right direction. We will discuss the decline of Organic growth across all mediums. And we will look at ways you can engage your clientele to bring your products and services into social media relevancy.

Don't keep throwing up random posts hoping for traction! Understand how to utilize it for your business needs.

Digital Strategy



Date & Time

August 24, 2021 9:00 am




  • Business Centre Guelph-Wellington


  • An understanding of Organic SM Growth
  • Best practices for Instagram and Facebook
  • Brand and post relevancy to target clients

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