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Local Marketing – A 5-Step Realistic Formula for Digital Success

Learn to boost local brand awareness, website traffic, and sales using data-fueled digital marketing.

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Are you looking to get your business noticed online? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed, frustrated or unsure where to start.. In this 30 minute webinar, we will take you through a realistic formula for online local marketing success. We’ll cut through the noise and drill down on the most effective things you can do. We will look at Google Business Profiles, Local Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email, and more.

You'll walk away from this webinar with a clear understanding of what you can do to increase your local brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately get more leads or sales.

Digital Strategy



Date & Time

June 1, 2022 12:00 pm




  • Traffic Soda (Jessica Chalk)


  • The top 3 local marketing myths
  • A 5-step formula to apply to your own business’ marketing plan
  • Brief overview on how to tackle each step

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