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Intro to eCommerce - Canceled

Your hands on introduction to selling online.

Event Info

Selling a product to a customer you have never met is the holy grail of commerce. From Shopify to Amazon and Etsy, we break down all the misconceptions of selling online. With an estimated $3.5 trillion (2019) spent online each year, now is the best time to offer your products to a larger audience. Is your brand ready to launch?

This meeting is hosted on Zoom.

What you will learn

During this workshop, you will learn the 5 key areas of eCommerce: Audience, Product, Fulfillment, Marketing, and Value. Participants will complete an eCommerce Business Model Canvas specific to their business. You'll gain the insight to choose an eCommerce platform that best suits your unique business model.

This workshop is led by at least 2 facilitators—a technical implementation expert and a marketing and branding specialist—who are available to answer any questions.

About the Speakers

Matthew Herchel, Co-founder, Digital Marketing Strategist

Over the past few years, Matthew has provided strategic and creative direction across diverse market sectors. Matthew co-founded 2H Media to bring accountability and ethics to the digital advertising community. Certified in programmatic advertising, Matthew uses data and automation to provide high quality consumer experiences. People person by nature, he has over 10 years of sales expertise in commercial and industrial contracting.

Aron Murch, Partner, Branding & Print Lead

Over the past 15 years, Aron has developed his design and marketing skills across diverse industries. Aron co-founded Lynnvander Studios, a full service board game design studio that produces board game tie-ins for comic books, television shows, and blockbuster movies. Aron further developed his branding expertise working with several local Ontario businesses to revitalize their legacy branding and create focused marketing initiatives. Naturally business-minded, Aron joined 2H Media as a partner to bring new efficiencies and print design capabilities, and to foster the company’s next chapter of growth.


Introduction: 10 minutes
eCommerce ecosystem overview: 10 minutes
Audience and product development: 30 minutes
Distribution and fulfillment: 30 minutes
Calculating profitability: 10 minutes
Q&A + resource sharing: 30 minutes
About 2H Media

2H Media is a digital marketing and web development agency that's a little different. When it comes to increasing your sales in the era of tech innovation, 2H Media can help. Instead of dropping leads at your doorstep, we ensure your leads make it all the way to your bank account. We achieve this through the usual methods, such as design, web development, and advertising, but we also work with businesses to define their Why and How through one-on-one consulting and workshops. Our communication, quality, and efficiency is the competitive advantage you've been looking for.


Where can I find the eCommerce Business Model Canvas?

Each participant will receive a link to the 11x17 canvas at the beginning of the workshop. Online participants can find the eCommerce Business Model Canvas here.

What do I need to bring?

There will be extensive online searching. A good internet connection is desired.

How can I prepare before hand?

Have a general sense of why your product is valuable and to whom it provides value. Create a list of competitors who are selling a similar product.

eCommerce Digital Strategy



Date & Time

January 14, 2021 9:30 am




  • 2h Media (Aron Murch and Matthew Herchel)


  • 5 key areas of eCommerce
  • Insight to choose an eCommerce platform
  • eCommerce Business Model Canvas

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