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How to Build Rapport with your Audience on Camera

Strategies for connecting with your audience and feeling more confident.

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Connecting with your audience as a business owner is part of the relationship-building process needed to grow and scale your business. Rapport creates engagement, builds on the “know, like, trust” factor, and helps to position you as the expert in your field.

Online training videos. Hosting webinars or masterclasses. Speaking at online summits and events. All powerful ways to connect with your audience, generate visibility for your brand, and sales for your business. The caveat is that they all require you to be on camera. Something that holds many entrepreneurs back because of doubts, worries, and fears associated with being seen and heard.

It takes courage to get in front of the camera.

In an online world, building rapport through a camera is a critical skill. One that can be acquired through practice, support, guidance, and understanding from someone who used to fear being visible and on camera due to a sense of “not good enough”, “not pretty enough”, and not believing in the value she could provide to her audience.

Join Mindset Coach, Visibility Consultant and TV Host Danielle Joworski as she helps you to increase your visibility and connect with your audience by becoming comfortable in front of the camera. Learn steps and ideas on how to build rapport with your audience as you embrace using video for high-value marketing strategies to drive business growth, generate revenue, and position yourself as the expert you are with less overwhelm, more ease, and greater confidence.

This webinar is for business owners who:

1) Are using, or want to use, high-value video in their business growth, lead generation or marketing strategies

2) Are not seeing the audience engagement they’d like to see

3) Want to up-level their on camera presence

4) Feel more comfortable and confidence leading real, organic, natural conversations through a camera

Business Strategy Special Event



Date & Time

March 30, 2022 12:00 pm




  • Danielle Joworski


  • How relationship building with your audience starts well before you turn your video on and click record or go live
  • Methods and processes for measuring engagement and rapport over time
  • On-camera tips and strategies for connecting with your audience and feeling more confident in what you’re saying, and how you’re saying it

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