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Health and Wellness in business and day to day life

Learn about how to keep healthy through the stresses of an Entrepreneurial lifestyle, covid-19 Pandemic and General daily life.

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The Entrepreneurial lifestyle can be one of great benefits but also a lot of stress. Add to that the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it affected your business and home, as well as the general stresses of family needs, friends and just getting up in the morning, and you are bound to be full of stress, anxiety and other health and wellness concerns.

Katie brings her medical, and physio therapy background into tackling the underlying cause of her clients difficulties and how important preventing future problems is.

To help combat those wellness concerns Katie Skyvington, from the Travelling Physio, will be joining the BCGW team in this informative session about how you can be healthy without sacrificing what you need to be a successful Entrepreneur.

Bridges to Better Business Special Event



Date & Time

October 21, 2021 6:00 pm




  • Katie Skyvington, from the Travelling Physio


  • Learn how to manage life and business with a focus on personal health and wellness

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