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Financial Literacy for Young Adults, ages 15-21

Learn the basics of budgeting and financial literacy for teens and young adults.

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Join the conversation alone or alongside the young adults in your life and learn some easy-to-implement tips on how to develop the money habits that support values like hard work, resourcefulness and resilience.

As a parent and a financial advisor of 31 years, Tracey is passionate about helping you and young adults thrive in today’s challenging financial environment while still balancing the needs with wants of this age group.

Young adults are at a vital age as they begin to write their own ‘money story’ that they will likely carry with them their entire lives.

Topics covered include: how to budget, saving for a post-secondary education, protecting identity and financial information online, mental health, debt and addictions, tax and paystubs, making volunteer hours meaningful and more.




Date & Time

June 3, 2021 6:00 pm




  • Tracey Curtis


  • Understand how to budget and save.
  • How to protect you and your financial date in a digital age
  • Learn about debt and it's role in your life

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