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Financial Literacy for Families (kids from 4 to 25)

Learn how to build healthy financial habits and teach your kids how to become involved in their own financial future.

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Taking a good look at what is being offered through the curriculum and what do you need to support your children at home from the ages of 4-25 in developing good money habits, feeling empowered and in control around money.

Start building healthy habits for yourself and your kids from the beginning.

Join Tracey Curtis. As a parent and a financial advisor of 31 years, Tracey is passionate about helping you, as a parent, to become a positive role model through the ‘money story’ you share with your kids.

She will help to align your values with healthy goals for the future in small manageable steps. Gain insights, practical information, tips and resources for your children to become involved in their own financial futures. Financial literacy is potentially the most important gift you will ever give your children.

Topics covered include: creating a family financial plan, RESP’s, allowance, giving back, wants versus needs and more.




Date & Time

June 10, 2021 10:00 am




  • Tracey Curtis


  • Get your children involved in their finances
  • Tips and tricks to teaching good money habits
  • Creating healthy financial goals for the whole family

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