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Financial Literacy for Adolescents ages 9-14

Learn healthy and practical financial literacy skills to teach your kids between 9 and 14.

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Healthy financial attitudes and habits are essential to a healthy financial future for your family and for your kids between the ages of 9-14.

Join Tracey Curtis. As a parent and a financial advisor of 31 years, Tracey is passionate about helping you raise smart, generous and financially literate kids.

Learn how to pass along the practical skills and tools your kids need to successfully navigate their relationship with money and to create a practical plan for a successful future.

Topics covered include: earning money, saving, giving as its own reward, opening a bank account, benefits to savvy shopping, accountability and more.




Date & Time

June 3, 2021 10:00 am




  • Tracey Curtis


  • Opening a youth bank account
  • Teaching adolescents financial skills young
  • Understanding good practices for youth to earn and save money

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