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Emotional Intelligence Skills For Your Business: Go From Alright to Oh Wow!

Evaluate the impact of Emotional Intelligence on organizational performance and client impact.

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As business owners, we know that how our customers feel determines whether they will become loyal to us, or not. But do we understand the process? And how we can influence it? In this webinar, we go beyond customer service to explore the role of emotional intelligence skills and the impact they have on employees, their colleagues, and the organization. If the level of skill in our organization determines the level of service, we must ask ourselves if the right skills are in place, and for the right people. Might our average performers be causing us to show up as an average business? Find out!

Business Strategy Special Event



Date & Time

June 15, 2022 12:00 pm




  • Julie Dupont


  • Learn what emotional intelligence is
  • Experience demonstrated emotional intelligence
  • Evaluate the impact of EI on organizational performance

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