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Program attributes:

  •   5 business workshops
  •   Build a comprehensive Business Plan
  •   Weekly Hub Participation
  •   Advisor Sessions
  •   20 weeks of coaching and access to all BC resources
  •   Access to mentors and industry insiders
  •   Pitch training and support
  •   Qualification to Pitch for $5,000

Qualifiers for the program:

  1. Participant must be in business or must start an approved business within 10 weeks of enrolling in the program
  2. The business must be a full-time enterprise
  3. Participant will commit to attend 5 workshops
  4. Participant will commit to completing a business plan and financial plan within 8 weeks of program start

To pitch for $5,000:

  1. Candidate will submit a completed business plan approved by BCGW
  2. Provide a completed pitch document
  3. Complete a “pitch camp” exercise
  4. On Pitch Night:
  5. Prepare and present a 2-3 minute Pitch
  6. Participate in Q&A session on Pitch Night

 Other criteria/items

  1. Business must be operational/launched at time of pitch and have proven sales
  2. Candidates can pitch up to 2 times within a span of 6 months or two pitch sessions whichever comes first
  3. Pitch awards will be $5,000
  4. A pitch committee will determine the winner the same day as the pitch presentations


Next Intake: April 25th

Application must be submitted by April 22nd 5:00 PM EST

Enrollment fee of $155.00 plus HST is submitted by approved candidates, on April 25th, 2017 12:00 noon
      Partnerships applying to the program will enrollment fee is paid by each partner.


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