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Program attributes:

  •   5 business workshops
  •   Build a comprehensive Business Plan
  •   Weekly Hub Participation
  •   Advisor Sessions
  •   20 weeks of coaching and access to all BC resources
  •   Access to mentors and industry insiders
  •   Pitch training and support
  •   Qualification to Pitch for up to $5,000

Qualifiers for the program:

  1. Participant must meet with a Business Advisor before submitting an application to the program
  2. Participant must be in business or must start an approved business within 10 weeks of enrolling in the program
  3. Participant will commit to attend 5 workshops
  4. Participant will commit to completing a business plan and financial plan within 8 weeks of program start

In order to pitch:

  1. Candidate will submit a completed business plan approved by BCGW
  2. Provide a completed pitch document
  3. Complete a “pitch camp” exercise
  4. On Pitch Night:
    1. Prepare and present a 2-3 minute Pitch
    2. Participate in Q&A session on Pitch Night

 Other criteria/item

  1. The business concept must transition to a full-time enterprise
  2. Business must be operational/launched at time of pitch and have proven sales
  3. Candidates can pitch up to 2 times within a span of 6 months or two pitch sessions whichever comes first
  4. Participant contribution into the business must meet a minimum of $1,250 (cash or in-kind).
  5. Pitch awards will be up to $5,000
  6. A pitch committee will determine the winner the same day as the pitch presentations


Next Intake: March 6th


To get started with the application process, please call our office at 519-826-4701 to book a preliminary consult with one of our Business Advisors.



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